Mobile Man Anchors

Portable mobile man anchors offer an affordable temporary safety option when other types of roof safety measures are not available.

These freestanding anchor devices are suitable for use on any flat roof surface, including single-ply membrane, asphalt, concrete, stone chippings, and mineral felt. Often referred to as dead weight anchors, they are quick and easy to assemble making them the ideal solution for short term work on a roof.

For use on all roof surfaces, including single-ply membrane, asphalt, concrete, stone chippings (brushed) and mineral felt. Mobile man anchors feature base weights fully encased in rubber moulding to prevent the pads from peeling at the edges.

The man anchor system is very quick and easy to assemble, utilising a minimum of loose components, and does not penetrate the roof surface or require any structural attachments.

Features and Benefits:

  • Short term safety for low frequency work
  • Suitable for all roof membranes, wet or dry without adding additional counterweights
  • Weights are supplied with unique suction cup rubber boots
  • Compact design for ease of transportation
  • Fast and easy to assemble


Safety Standards:

Fully tested to meet or exceed current safety standards including:

Class E of BS EN 795

Meets the PPE Directive



Mobile man anchors are designed for use with personal protection equipment (PPE) such as a harness and lanyard and feature a central pedestal to provide fall protection for a single worker and fall restraint for two people when working at least 2.5m from the edge of the roof. 

Our modular-based anchors will not penetrate your roof and include suction cups to the underside of the weights, which protect the roof’s surface and increase the frictional resistance. The systems use a minimal number of components, so they are easy to install and move around the roof.  

Two or more mobile man anchors can be linked by a horizontal lifeline cable to provide a temporary freestanding lifeline system for short-term maintenance work.

linked mobile man anchors


Not sure what you need? Our team of qualified engineers can conduct a site survey or work to your drawings/specifications and advise on the best portable anchor solution for your requirements and budget.  

Our freestanding mobile man anchors have been tested to meet current safety standards, including: